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How to cook the perfect steak

It takes a long time to grow a grass-fed bullock and so, we want to make sure you have everything you need to cook these prime cuts of beef to perfection at home with a few hints and tips from us.

  • Prepare: 5 Minutes
  • Cook: 1 Minute
  • Serves 1
Ingredients & instructions

Whether your preference is a buttery soft fillet, tasty sirloin, characterful rump, or a thrifty bavette steak, pay respect to these quality cuts of meat and cook it perfectly. Here are a few tips from us:

1. When shopping, pick a steak that has the characteristics you are after. What sort of eating sensation are you looking for? If you want something super tender with very little fat why not have a fillet. Like fat? Well, if you like intramuscular fat opt for a rib-eye if you are wanting to be able to crisp it up in the pan, go for something with a side of fat, like sirloin or picanha. For something a little tougher, but that exploded with flavour at every bite, rump might be the steak for you. There are plenty of options to choose from, so do a little bit of research before you buy.

2. Invest in a decent pan. A thick based frying pan or skillet, ideally with a non-stick coating will help you achieve good results.

3. Oil and season your steak, not the pan. That way you can rub just the right amount over your steak, ensuring your steak won't be greasy. You can also get your pan piping hot before any oil hits the surface, so you won't smoke out your kitchen.

4. Give each type of steak an appropriate amount of cooking. For example, nearly everyone here at Coombe Farm Organic likes their fillet steak blue to rare, however, if we are having a rib eye, it eats better once the fat has rendered a little, so a medium-rare result is best (in our opinion!).

5. If you are adding butter (for a devilishly creamy finish), add it at the very end of the cooking process. If added too early it will burn and you risk making your steak taste slightly bitter.

6. If you are cooking a steak with a side of fat, such as a sirloin or picanha, using a pair of tongs hold it on its side and cook purely on the thin side on fat for a minute or two until it begins to soften and melt. Then continue to cook on either side as per the times in step seven.

7. Cooking times - slightly controversial as each steak will cook in slightly different times, however, a rough guide is as follows:

- Blue: 1 minute on either side

- Rare: 1.5 minutes on either side

- Medium Rare: 2 minutes on either side

- Medium: 2.5 minutes on either side


  • Our steak comes from our organic cattle. Cattle that has been reared to the highest welfare standards, their meat is clean and untainted by chemicals or pharmaceuticals. By buying our organic steak you can be assured that you are buying the very best, high quality meat. Free-range meat from animals who've had the opportunity to be active and live according to their natural instincts is characterful and tender to eat.

  • Our organic cattle are reared to the highest welfare standards their meat is clean and untainted by chemicals or pharmaceuticals. By buying organic steak you can be assured that the animal it came from was reared in an organic, high-welfare environment, meaning the very best meat is produced. Free-range meat from animals who've had the opportunity to be active and live according to their natural instincts is characterful and tender to eat.

  • Sirloin steak's combination of robust texture and external fat means it needs a hot temperature to tenderize the meat and render down the fat. So set your pan over a high heat until it's super-hot and smoky. Using a pair of tongs, hold your steak with the fat-covered edge down in the pan until it's starting to char and the fat is sizzling out – the smell will be delicious. Once the fat is crisp and melty, sear each side of the steak for a couple of minutes, then give it a full five-minute rest wrapped in foil so the meat can relax and the juices absorb back in. A rich béarnaise sauce, vibrant with fresh chopped tarragon is a classic accompaniment. 

  • Sirloin steak is one of the best-known and most identifiable British steak cuts, Coombe Farm Organic's sirloin steak is taken from the middle section of the back of the beef carcass which is also where the sirloin joint is cut from. It's a great choice if you like the combination of a crispy-but-melting layer of fat and moderately grained, yielding meat that has bite without being too strongly flavoured. Perfectly balanced internal marbling keeps the sirloin succulent and enhances its natural delicacy. 

  • To get the very best out of your bavette, cook it hot and quick – just a minute a side in a smoking pan or under a top-whack grill. Let it rest for five minutes to absorb all the flavours of the juice before slicing thinly and serving with salad in soft floury tortillas or toss quickly into a lemony dressed crisp green salad. Alternatively, take advantage of the bavette's open texture by slicing it while raw and marinating it with hot green chillis, garlic and ginger before stir frying in a super-hot wok and serving with salty soy noodles.   

  • Minute steak is a thin steak that has usually been tenderised or pounded meaning it retains a  lot of its juices, this results in it being one of the most delicious steak cuts. The lean meat is coupled with a delicate seam of quick-melting fat that adds sweetness and succulence, ensuring moist results. And because all of our cattle live organic, active lives, eating only grass and maturing slowly, our beef has hearty flavour and delicious bite.

  • Simple cooking is exactly what our minute steaks need to bring out their flavour and maximise their tender texture. Don't be tempted to cook them for any longer than their name suggests. Thirty seconds per side in a super-hot pan followed by a 5 minute rest wrapped in foil will give you moist, tender steak just blushing pink and soft to the bite. Don't be tempted to move them about in the pan while cooking – let the heat brown the meat and render down the fat.  Excellent served with a crisp green salad, salty potato wedges and a punchy dressing of blue cheese and crème fraiche. 

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