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Breast of Organic Duck with Spiced Maple Plums

There's something very old fashioned about a duck – in a good way, of course – and Coombe Farm Organic's duck breast celebrates that fact. The unique combination of so-sweet fat, rich meat and crispy skin make duck breast a real joy to eat combined with the sweet-sharpness of the spiced maple sauce and plums that perfectly balance with the meat to deliver a dish that feels indulgent and puts the 'special' into 'special occasion'. 

  • Prepare: 20 Minutes
  • Cook: 45 Minutes
  • Serves 4
Ingredients & instructions





1-Pre-heat the oven to 180°C fan, 200°C or gas mark 6

2-To a large baking tray, add the grated ginger, chilli flakes, coriander, star anise, maple syrup, red wine and plums, season well with salt and fresh ground black pepper and roast for 10 minutes.

3-Turn over the plums and cook for a further 5 minutes, check to see if the plums still hold their shape, if left for too long they will collapse.

4-Once the plums have cooked transfer the juices to a pan, leaving the plums in the baking tray to one side.

5-Score the skin of the organic duck breasts and place skin side down in a large non-stick ovenproof frying pan over a low heat on the hob, cook for 15 minutes, draining off the fat halfway through (remember to keep this for making mega roast potatoes another day). Transfer the pan to the oven and cook for 15 minutes more until the Duck is cooked.

6-Bring the pan of Plum sauce to the boil and reduce down by half until it turns into a syrup, pour over the plum halves and keep warm.

7-Rest the Duck Breasts for 5 minutes wrapped in foil, allowing the meat juices to be reabsorbed.

8-On a plate slice the organic duck breasts and serve with the plums, teamed with steamed spinach and a buttery mash potato.



  • Side dishes that compliment duck well include creamy mashed potato, steamed spinach, coconut rice, roast potatoes, creamed cabbage or even a warm beetroot salad.

  • The richness of duck meat, along with its crispy fatty skin pairs well with sweet, sour and spicy flavours. At Coombe Farm Organic we have a few favourite combinations of sauces we enjoy with our organic duck, cherry and red wine, honey and soy, tamarind and ginger, plum and zesty orange to list a few. 

  • Duck meat is tender, juicy, a little meaty, with a high level of fat. Duck meat has a meatier taste than chicken with a unique sweet and savoury flavour also. In comparison to turkey and chicken, duck does not have a lot of meat, yet retains a high level of nutrients. With its thick skin, this meat becomes quite crispy when cooked. It is the perfect bird meat for roasting because of its texture.

  • Both Duck and Chicken are healthy choices of poultry. Duck is a lean meat, comparable in fat and calories to a skinless chicken or turkey breast. It is an excellent source of selenium and zinc, both of which encourage good cellular metabolism. Since duck is a red meat, it contains higher amounts of iron than other poultry. The fat content of duck meat is mostly healthy unsaturated fat and is an excellent source of protein.

  • For any meat or poultry to be labelled organic it must have been reared in accordance with set and governed organic welfare standards. High standards of animal husbandry and welfare are critical to us at Coombe Farm Organic. We believe that animals should live their lives in an environment that offers them the opportunity to follow their natural instincts. For our ducks, that means growing in a free-range, sustainable system with access to water for swimming and grass for grazing. An active lifestyle and natural diet ensure our ducks are healthy, with strong immune systems. And that translates directly into high-welfare meat that tastes delicious. 

  • Duck is a healthy type of meat filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its’ skin is very fatty but can be removed, leaving a cut of meat that is comparable in fat and calories to a skinless chicken or turkey breast. 

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