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Delicious Venison Cutlets Cooked in a Creamy Sauce

Impress your guests with Organic Venison Cutlets, cooked on the bone to add a rich depth of flavour. Living as nature intended our organic venison grazes on traditional pastures and woodland being totally wild and free, the meat is lean, nutritious and sustainable, well worth adding to your weekly meal planner.  

  • Prepare: 20 Minutes
  • Cook: 25 Minutes
  • Serves 4
Ingredients & instructions


1. Melt half the butter and the oil in a large pan and add your seasoned cutlets. Cook for 5-10 minutes until browned on both sides, reduce the heat and cook for a further 5 minutes.

2. Remove your cooked venison and set aside to keep warm. Add the remaining butter to the pan, stir in your chanterelles and shallots and cook these for 5 minutes turning occasionally.

3. Add your Broth or Stock and reduce in half, pour in the cream and season, as the sauce thickens remove from the heat. Serve with two cutlets on each plate with the sauce swirled around the meat.