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Pheasant and Spiced Apple Stew

A seasonal recipe using seasonal pheasant and apples a perfect combination. 

  • Prepare: 10 Minutes
  • Cook: 1 Hour
  • Serves 4
Ingredients & instructions

1x Whole Pheasant

2oz Salted Butter

2lb Pink Lady or Idared Apples (cored and peeled)

1x Onion (chopped and sliced)

4x Juniper Berries

Pinch of Thyme

1x Bay Leaf

Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt

Pinch of 4 Pepper Mix

1x Glass of Apple Juice

In a saucepan melt your butter and brown your pheasant, add the onion, juniper berries, thyme, bay leaf, salt and pepper, pour over your apple juice and add in your apples bring to the boil, pop on the lid and simmer until your pheasant is tender. when your pheasant is cooked remove your bird and apples and keep warm. Thicken your pan juices with flour add water to make a gravy, and serve with game chips or mash potato and seasonal veg.


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