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John Dory Fillets Versatile, easy to cook fish and full of flavour

John Dory Fillets

Versatile, easy to cook fish and full of flavour

It's a weird-looking fish, the John Dory, but its distinctive flavour is mild and sweet, making it a versatile ingredient in lots of styles of cooking. Because this is a fish with a lot of skeleton, John Dory fillets save you the hassle of preparation. If you're a fan of sole or turbot, tender, white-fleshed John Dory is a great alternative. Look out for the black spot on the skin of the fish – legend has it this is a thumbprint left by Peter when he picked the fish out of the Sea of Galilee. Hence its alternative name 'St Peter's fish'.     

  • Delivered frozen

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John Dory is commonly found in fishing grounds around the UK and across the North Atlantic. Its unpromising looks meant for a long time it was most frequently discarded, but is now valued for its flavoursome white flesh. John Dory tends not to be the object of targeted fishing, rather surfacing as part of a mixed haul. All of Coombe Farm's fish comes from the Devon coast and is caught in accordance with sustainable seafood guidelines.

  • Supplied: Insulated box at -18°C
  • Freezing: Will arrive frozen, use by best before date on packaging
  • Defrosted: Store between 0 - 5°C and use within 2 - 3 days



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    natural materials

    Delivered Frozen

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    Sustainably Insulated

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There are very few bones to be found in the flesh of the John Dory, so the fillets make a great alternative to cod or haddock if you fancy homemade fish and chips. As it's firmly fleshed, John Dory can be pan-fried or grilled, poached or barbecued without falling apart. Make a stunning summer supper by frying your fillets in butter with some finely diced chorizo until the fish is golden and sizzling. Serve with a refreshing salad of thinly slivered fennel and apple, speckled with capers. 

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