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Steaks & Joints

Steaks &  Joints

From succulent organic steaks to juicy roasting joints you’ll find exactly what you need for the most mouth-watering barbecue here at Coombe Farm Organic. Our steaks are all cut from our organic grass-fed beef, matured on the bone, to deliver pure, distinctive flavour every time. And with animal welfare a top priority, you can be sure that all our animals are ethically reared, living active, free-range lives on sustainable farms. 

Organic Pork Boston Butt
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Organic Beef Rib Eye Steak
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Organic Cote de Boeuf
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Organic Gammon Steak
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Organic Pork Leg Steak
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Organic Lamb Leg Steak
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Butterflied Leg of Goat
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Organic Salmon Fillets
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Mackerel Fillets
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  • There are many fantastic cuts of beef that you can roast, these include organic beef rump roast, topside, beef sirloin joint and silverside. Organic beef silverside is a beef roasting joint cut from the external muscle at the top of the beef animal's hind leg, it is a lean joint, with open texture and perfect for making classic roast beef. Because there's no internal marbling in this cut, and as it's done a lot of work, our butchers wrap the joint in fat, tying it securely with string. This ensures that the silverside stays succulent and juicy when roasted, with the flavours from the fat permeating through the meat as it cooks.

  • If you are looking for an impressive roasting joint then look no further than beef sirloin, it’s lean but packed with juicy flavour and has even won an award from Taste of the West. It's an easy to cook joint that makes a hearty roast-dinner centrepiece. Because the sirloin is such a big cut of meat, our butchers have boned, rolled and neatly tied it. This means it cooks through evenly and consistently and carving is a doddle.

  • Our steaks are all simply delicious, and we believe this is because they have been butchered from organic beef that was reared in an organic farming system with animal welfare at its core. Don’t just take our word for it either, our organic rib eye steak won gold with Taste of the West. Our beef sirloin steak is satisfyingly juicy, tender and delicately flavoured. Taken from the middle section of the back of the beef carcass which is also where the sirloin joint is cut from. It's a great choice if you like the combination of a crispy-but-melting layer of fat and moderately grained, yielding meat that has bite without being too strongly flavoured.

  • Organic steak is by far the best steak you’ll taste, full of meaty beef flavour just as steak should be. We believe this incredible meaty taste is a result of our beef being reared in an ethical organic farming system, where they are free to roam, living active lives and being fed on a predominately grass diet, free from chemicals, pesticides and medicines.