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We have taken some of our favourite cuts of meat and had them lightly smoked by a brilliant local and organically certified smokehouse. An age old traditional smoke over fresh oak sawdust is used to enhance the taste rather than mask the flavour of the meat we have worked so hard to produce.

Hot Smoked Organic Chicken Breast
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Organic Nitrate-Free Smoked Gammon
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  • The best meats to smoke are those with a higher fat content, the smoking process can dry some types of meat out, so the fat content helps to keep the meat moist and tender. At Coombe Farm Organic we smoke many of our meats, but a firm favourite is our smoked back bacon which is cured without nitrates and smoked over natural woodsmoke.

  • Eating smoked meat is neither ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’, and with smoked meat getting a bad rap in the media, it is hard to decipher if it has a place in our diets. However, if you chose to eat smoked meat, buy the best quality organic meat that has been smoked naturally and free from nitrates. At Coombe Farm Organic we have pared the smoking process right back, using only sea salt, brown sugar, juniper, bay and black pepper as curing agents, for our bacon (no smoke rubs here!), and choose to smoke our meat over natural woodsmoke.

  • Smoked meat is meat that has been exposed to smoke, in order to preserve it and add flavour. At Coombe Farm Organic we smoke our meat over wood chips, without the use of chemicals, preservatives or synthetic flavourings.

  • Smoking might be the old-school way of preserving food, but we believe it is also a direct route to really epic flavour. We like to smoke our meat the natural way, of course, without using any chemicals, preservatives or synthetic flavourings. Just an excellent cut of organic meat, some wood chips and a little bit of patience. That'll do the trick.