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Long, slow cooking rewards us with melt-in-the-mouth tenderness and succulent meat that flakes under the fork, and it's one of our favourite ways to eek out every last bit of flavour from our slow-grown organic meat. Our butchers have prepared a delicious range of classic diced meat, cut into perfect sized pieces for stews, casseroles and one-pot style dishes. But that's not all - we work to a nose-to-tail philosophy, prizing every piece of the carcass to minimise waste. So we encourage you to try the more off-the-wall, unusual cuts that are rarely available in your local butcher's or supermarket. Explore the world of Organic Lamb Neck Rings, Organic Beef Osso Buco and Organic Breast of Lamb on the Bone and you will be delighted by the flavours and textures you get from these overlooked cuts.

Organic Beef Rump Roast
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Organic Beef Osso Buco
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Organic Diced Stewing Steak
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Organic Diced Pork
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Organic Beef Short Ribs
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Organic Diced Venison
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Organic Diced Gammon
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Organic Ox Cheek
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Organic Shoulder of Lamb (Boneless)
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Organic Lamb Shank
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Organic Leg of Mutton
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Organic Leg of Pork
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Organic Chicken Thighs
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  • By definition – organic beef in the UK is fed on a diet predominantly made up of grass. However this won't necessarily make it 100% grass fed, this is not an organic standard. Many organic farms work in a system or crop rotation to ensure the health of the soils that grow the grasses. Barley, Whole Crop, Peas and other crops can be cut, fermented with cut grass and fed to the organic beef animas during colder months when the cows move into barns.
  • Organic chicken and regular chicken are reared very differently, to different standards of welfare. At Coombe Farm Organic our organic chicken is Soil Association certified which is considered the highest welfare organic certification. All of our chickens are reared in an organic system that allows the birds free access to pastures where they can roam during the day before returning to the safety of the barn at night. Many intensively farmed chickens are slaughtered at five weeks old, which is why their meat has very little flavour. Coombe Farm chickens grow to twice that age, so they've had time to grow strong and mature naturally. We really do think you'll be able to tell the difference.
  • Dairy cows are ‘retired’ when they can no longer produce enough milk, this is usually at around ten years, after they have produced thousands of gallons of milk. The ‘retired’ beef is becoming increasing popular because of its deep pronounced flavouring and wonderful marbling, resulting from a lifetime of feeding on grass. At Coombe Farm Organic, dairy farming has been at the core of our farming operation for almost 20 years now, and with sustainability and our ‘waste-not-want-not’ approach, using ‘retired’ dairy cattle for beef, that would otherwise not be used was a no brainer. You really should try it. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • When choosing lamb to purchase, it is worth carrying out some research. There are several studies that suggest organic meat is a healthier option, containing less saturated fat and higher in omega- 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. We believe organic lamb tastes better than commercially farmed alternatives, tasting ‘meaty’, rich, sweet and decadent. All of Coombe Farm Organic's lamb comes from our hardy flock of cross-bred sheep. The breeds we've chosen make the most of our abundant West Country pasture, thriving on a diet of grass as well as clover and herbs. Growing slowly, the lambs build hearty immune systems and strong skeletons. All of this influences the way their meat tastes and cooks, we really believe that happy animals result in the best quality and best tasting meat.

  • Lamb refers to young meat, which is tender with a pale pink colour, where as mutton is meat from a sheep that is over two years old, at Coombe Farm Organic, our mutton comes from ewes who've retired from our breeding flock. That means they've grown to maturity naturally, have well-developed muscles and a strong skeleton. All of these things ensure their meat is strongly flavoured (but not 'gamey') and has excellent texture (but isn't stringy). Mutton's a distinctive meat that's having a bit of a renaissance at the moment.

  • Organic pork comes from organic pigs that have been reared in accordance to high welfare standards, we there are raised a nature intended, they live active lives outdoors, foraging and exercising freely. Our pigs are slow grown unlike intensive farming, this gives their muscles deep colour and robust flavour.