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Organic Turkey

Organic Turkey

At Coombe Farm Organic, we only sell Bronze turkeys. Why? Because they’re the best! A traditional, old-fashioned breed, Bronzes fell out of favour when intensive turkey farms found that Whites grew more quickly and to vaster sizes. But we’re not after fast growth and huge size. We’re after a delicious eating experience and that’s what the Bronze delivers. Our turkeys grow slowly on organic grass and simple cereals and have the freedom to roam, resulting in strong bones and well-flavoured meat. 

We think it’s a shame to confine lean and good-for-you turkey just to Christmas. So we take any extra birds available from our poultry farmer to produce tasty and nutritious turkey steaks and mince throughout the year.

Organic Turkey Breast
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Organic Whole Turkey
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Organic Turkey Crown
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Organic Turkey Legs
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Organic Turkey Breast Steak
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Organic Poultry Gravy
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  • Organic Turkey is made of several butchered cuts that come from a turkey reared in an organic certified system. There are several organic bodies in the UK who can offer this accreditation such as the Soil Association & Organic Farmers and Growers. The standards set by these bodies will affect the husbandry, birth, life, slaughter and processing of an organic beef animal. Every standard must be met and is audited at least annually to ensure this is the case.

  • Our poultry farmers, Ross and Edward produce all of Coombe Farm Organic's turkeys. Ross and Edward run organic farming systems with animal welfare at their core. The turkeys eat a natural diet, supplemented by the grass they graze.

  • Turkey is an exceptionally lean meat, and both turkey and chicken are healthy choices. A turkey breast has slightly less protein than a chicken breast, but both meats are high in protein, low in calories and fat, making them great additions to a healthy balanced diet.

  • There are a number of studies that suggest organic turkey is a healthier option – higher in Omega 3, Amino Acids and Healthy Fats. There are also several other reasons why choosing organic turkey is a good idea. They range from the contribution of organic turkey to climate change, animal welfare and the use of pesticides and medicines used in the farming of conventional turkeys having a detrimental effect on our health. Our poultry farmers, Ross whose farm is just a hop, skip and jump away, nestled deep in the Devon countryside and Edward whose farm is located in Hampshire, run organic systems with animal welfare at their core. The turkeys have the freedom to roam in pastures or shelter in barns, as the mood takes them. They eat a natural diet, supplemented by the grass they graze. We only rear Bronze turkeys, an old-fashioned breed that provides a carcass with fantastic flavour and even coverage of meat. The natural flavour of the bird is made even better by slow growth to natural maturity. This takes 24 weeks and results in meat that's reliably juicy and tasty, with tender texture and just the right amount of fat.