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Organic Ready 'Real' Meals

We love home cooking, but sometimes it's nice if someone else does the hard work. For us, a ready meal should be a treat – not a ‘that’ll-do’ tummy filler. It should be as delicious as something you’d prepare yourself and it should be made using wholesome ingredients. That’s why we’ve joined forces with our friends at Eversfield Organic to bring you a range of hearty and tasty meals made with the finest quality organic ingredients with all the time-consuming preparation and slow-cooking done for you, the ultimate convenience.


  • At Coombe Farm Organic we stock organic ready meals from Eversfield Organic who source where possible all organic ingredients for their products. When making a multi ingredient product such as a ready meal it can contain some ingredients within it that are not organic, and still be classified as organic if it passes certification by an organic governing body, this is because some ingredients simply cannot be sourced organically, these include minerals such as salt and iron and vitamins such as niacin and thiamine.

  • Organic ready meals are more expensive they are prepared in small handmade batches and because they use wholly organic ingredients. When you pay for a certified organic product, you aren’t buying into a vague idea or a false promise. You’re buying into a promise that’s legislated, regulated, inspected, consistent and licensed. It’s a method of farming and food production that demands a lot of hard work and time, with less focus on yield, to allow animals to grow slowly to maturity, with minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, this is reflected in the price of all organic produce, not just organic meat.