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Organic Meat Boxes

Organic Meat Boxes

Looking for an easy life? We've carefully considered the cuts that go into all of our meat boxes so you just have to choose which box suits you best. Whether you're buying for one or for the whole family, looking for a healthy option or keen to satisfy hearty appetites, there's a Coombe Farm Organic meat box to fit the bill. To make them even more tempting, each product has a lower per kilo price than when purchased individually. And our boxes can be bought as a one-off (no sneaky sign-up to regular deliveries here) or on a repeat basis. No contract, no commitment, just convenience. Oh, and some particularly delicious meat. 


  • When choosing any meat to purchase, it is worth carrying out some research. There are a number of studies that suggest organic meat is a healthier option, containing less saturated fat and higher in omega- 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. There are also several other reasons why choosing organic meat is a good idea. They range from the contribution of organic farming to climate change, animal welfare and the use of pesticides and medicines used in the farming of conventional chickens, organic animals are only given antibiotics if absolutely necessary, rather than routinely, as they are in lower welfare systems to prevent spread of disease.

  • Organic meat is more expensive because when you pay for a certified organic product, you aren’t buying into a vague idea or a false promise. You’re buying into a promise that’s legislated, regulated, inspected, consistent and licensed. It’s a method of farming and food production that demands a lot of hard work and time, with less focus on yield, to allow animals to grow slowly to maturity, with minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, this is reflected in the price of all organic produce, not just organic meat.

  • Buying our meat boxes does save you money when you compare the meat boxes contents to buying the items individually, as each product has a lower price per kilo. All our meat boxes can be bought as a one-off (no sneaky sign-up to regular deliveries here). No contract, no commitment, just good value and convenience.