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Organic Charcuterie

Organic Charcuterie

Great charcuterie starts with great meat. We send our organic, outdoor-reared cuts to an award-winning charcuterie producer based in the South West where they are expertly cured with a bespoke selection of organic herbs and spices. All products are free from artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers, nitrates and fillers and the results are really something to savour. Whether it be as part of a recipe, on their own or accompanied by a nice glass of red or a craft beer.


  • Typically, charcuterie is a selection of meats, cheeses, bread, olives, nuts and dried fruits. We have created a charcuterie meat box for you, containing 9 classic charcuterie products that we have lovingly created with the best charcuterie experts in the South West which make for the perfect sharing platter.

  • Charcuterie to us is just heavenly, a wooden board filled with the finest organic cured meats. It’s an incredibly social way to enjoy food, place it down in the middle of your dinner table and let everyone tuck in. We have an amazing charcuterie range, which includes our 4 flavours of Biltong. Creating our own Biltong was the solution to using our organic silverside of beef, which is a less popular cut of meat, as it is often considered less tender by consumers. Our silverside is cured very quickly then left to air dry in a warm heat, replicating the warm winds of South Africa, the origin of Biltong. We then flavour all our Biltong with natural herbs and spices, each flavour having its own special touches.

  • Charcuterie is French, and roughly translates to ‘pork-butcher-shop’.

  • We feel our charcuterie range is often overlooked, with our more popular award-winning organic meat cuts stealing the limelight, however organic charcuterie has a real depth of flavour, unrivalled by conventional mass-produced alternatives and really won’t disappoint. A lot of time and fine tuning of flavouring goes into making our Charcuterie range, with the results speaking for themselves. Whether you opt for our organic beef Bresoala, a classic Italian charcuterie taken from our silverside and topside cuts which are cured for 2/3 months in salt and red wine and then air dried for a further 3 months or our organic salt beef slices which are an indulgent deli classic, perfect for recreating high piled New York sandwiches, you will be guaranteed a taste sensation.