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Organic Burgers

Organic Burgers

Burgers - the world's favourite food? Very possibly. And if you've ever tasted a Coombe Farm Organic burger, you'll quite appreciate why. We like to make burgers that highlight the pure, natural flavours of our top-quality meat; that let the raw ingredients be the star of the show. But at the same time, we like to get a little bit inventive. So we've taken the classics and given them the odd twist and occasional tweak, all in the cause of making your barbecues sizzle and mid-week suppers sing. You can go classic with old-school beef, indulgent with lamb and mint or sophisticated with venison. However will you choose?

Organic Beef Burgers- NEW RECIPE
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Organic Lamb and Mint Burgers
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  • Beef is a nutrient dense food and one of our best sources of high-quality protein and essential nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B12 - organic grass-fed beef is leaner and higher in protein and will give a more distinctive taste. Organic grass-fed beef truly tastes how beef should - full of ‘meaty’ flavour as a result of a natural diet, free of chemicals and hormones and a slow growth to full maturity.

  • At Coombe Farm Organic our organic burgers are handmade using the simplest organic ingredients, our beef burgers are all about juicy flavour and fantastic texture. Because our organic beef mince tastes so fantastic we don't have to mess about with complicated recipes and loads of added extras to make our burgers. We believe a beef burger should taste of, well, beef, so we add a sprinkling of salt and pepper to the beef mince – nothing else. Our tender beef speaks for itself and has enough depth of flavour to be the star of the plate, even when accompanied by punchy condiments.

  • Organic burgers are more expensive because when you pay for a certified organic product, you aren’t buying into a vague idea or a false promise. You’re buying into a promise that’s legislated, regulated, inspected, consistent and licensed. It’s a method of farming and food production that demands a lot of hard work and time, with less focus on yield, to allow animals to grow slowly to maturity, with minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, this is reflected in the price of all organic produce, not just organic meat.

  • At Coombe Farm Organic we like to keep ingredients natural and simple. Our organic grass-fed beef burgers are made from 99.4% beef with the rest made up of sea salt and organic black pepper. The burgers are uncomplicated yet packed full of juicy, meaty beef flavour with all the same nutritional goodness as a beef joint, steak or cut. We challenge you to taste an organic beef burger and not love it.