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Christmas Nibbles

Christmas Nibbles

At Coombe Farm Organic we don't skimp on the nibbles. Create starters to savour with our range of organic charcuterie, all produced using select cuts of our organic beef or pork, and cured by hand using organic wine, herbs and spices. Made in small batches, our Organic Chicken Liver Pate or delicately Oak Smoked Salmon make for delightfully light appetisers.


  • Christmas dinner is a huge part of the festive season, and at Coombe Farm Organic, we absolutely believe it is the highlight of the holiday. It’s a time to host loved ones, devour delicious food and be merry. For those who love entertaining, it's the perfect time to flex your culinary muscles, and for such a special time of year it is only proper to tuck into special food. Food that has been grown and prepared with care and respect.

  • We believe in choosing organic meat all year round, not just at Christmas. There are several studies that suggest organic meat is a healthier option, containing less saturated fat, and is higher in omega- 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart, and in our opinion organic meat tastes better than conventionally farmed meat. Organic meat truly tastes how meat should taste, full of ‘meaty’ flavour as a result of a natural diet, free of chemicals and hormones and a slow growth to full maturity. Sadly, we have become accustomed to the bland offerings of mass-produced meat but when you taste organic meat you will never go back to the flavourless stuff again.

  • Turkey, Goose and Ham are without a doubt traditional Christmas favourites, and of course not forgetting pigs in blankets. With so many amazing choices of organic meat, poultry and fish available, why not break from tradition and try something different such as Side of Salmon, Rib of Beef, Leg of Lamb on the bone or Pork Shoulder.