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Cabrito Goat Meat

Cabrito Goat Meat

Goat complements our philosophy of sustainable farming. It yields truly remarkable meat that would otherwise get wasted. Whilst Nanny/Female Goats are reared for replacements in a Goat dairy herd, Billy/Male Goats are surplus to requirements. We feel strongly that letting meat go to waste is unacceptable in an age when so much is already wasted and so many go without eating balanced, nutritious produce. Working with Cabrito, we have the platform to see that the Billy and Older Nanny Goat meat from our local area is used responsibly. The goats we butcher & sell come from a farm 7 miles away from us in here on the Somerset/Dorset Border.


  • Cabrito was founded by James Whetlor, once a chef at Hugh Furnley Whittingstall’s River Cottage James wanted to explore the meat wastage from the Goat Milking industry. An ethical thought leader and innovator James travels Europe sharing his knowledge of everything Goat. Cabrito is the platform to supply goat meat for wholesale and retail.

  • Yes, goat meat is available to buy online on our website and Coombe Farm Organic can delivery any cuts that you need to your door.

  • Goat Kid meat is tender with a mild-flavour, sweeter than Lamb. As the animal gets older the meat gets a slightly stronger taste, this is why goat meat marry’s well with bold flavours in recipes such as curry’s and marinades.