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Organic Sausages

Organic Sausages

From traditional pork to hearty beef and really-rather-sophisticated lamb and mint, Coombe Farm Organic has a banger to suit every occasion. But what's most important to us in creating our sausages, is that we let the quality of our slow-grown, organic meat shine through. That means only natural ingredients and definitely never any nasty fillers. 

Organic Pork Sausages - NEW RECIPE
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Organic Festive Sausages
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Organic Lamb and Mint Koftas
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  • When looking to buy sausages, always look for a sausage with a high percentage of meat and natural ingredients. Our sausages combine quality meat cuts with a touch of seasoning, herbs and spices and never, ever any nasty fillers, preservatives or additives. If you are looking to reduce the fat content, try cooking them under the grill instead of oven roasting. But for real flavour we would recommend pan frying or roasting!

    For a leaner alternative, try our Chicken sausages. 

  • Gluten free sausages are sausages that do not contain gluten ingredients. There are lots sausages on the market with lots of producers opting to now remove gluten from their sausages. At Coombe Farm Organic we make a wide variety of sausages which are free from gluten in their ingredients - however they are made in an environment that handles gluten so please consider if this will be a problem for you before consuming them. 

  • Sausage is made by combining ground cuts of meat, most traditionally pork, herbs and seasoning, it is then funnelled into a natural hog casing to make a sausage. Our sausages are hand-made using traditional methods in our on-farm butchery. What’s important to us is letting the quality of our slow-grown organic meat shine through. That means only natural ingredients, in their purest forms, and definitely never, ever any nasty fillers, preservatives or additives. We add organic Scottish oats to each recipe to create a texture with hearty bite and substance, and a mix of organic herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of the meat. And because we use organic meat reared in a high-welfare system, we’re confident we’ve got flavour covered.

  • Sausages get a bit of bad press, often labelled ‘unhealthy’ as they are classed as processed meat. However, there are plenty of ‘healthy’ sausages, at Coombe Farm Organic our sausages are made with the finest cuts of organic pork, a scattering of Scottish oats to give them a hearty texture and minimal seasoning.