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Organic Store Cupboard

Organic Store Cupboard

It's always handy to keep your store cupboard full, why not include organic accompanying sauces or tinned fish for a quick and easy supper. 

Willy's Cider Apple Vinegar
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Tinned Mackerel Fillets
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Tinned Salmon Fillets
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Tinned Sardines
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Tinned Tuna Fillets
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4 x Tinned Fish for £10
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  • We stock some amazing store-cupboard staples, including a vast range of organic herbs and spices to bring out the character in your favourite meat or fish and create recipes brimming with flavour. We also have some delicious tinned fish, perfect for a quick lunch, whether its mackerel on toast or a crispy jacket potato filled with tuna mayo.

  • There are many reasons for buying organic food, as a nation we are becoming increasingly conscious of how our diet impacts our health, as well as how our food is produced and its impact environmentally, as well as the welfare of animals reared for meat consumption. Organic food production is governed and inspected by the strictest of standards, ensuring when you buy organic food you can trust that you are buying from a fair farming system, that benefits the producers, consumers, the environment and the animals. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used in organic farming which lowers the risk of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, unlike chemical equivalents. Organic soil is instead fertilised using manure or compost, creating healthy, carbon storing soils. The animals themselves also play a vital role in organic farming, as they reduce the need for chemical fertilisers, by roaming freely, grazing and then spreading their own manure which then feeds the soil. Animal welfare is paramount to organic farming, meaning animals are truly free range, where they are encouraged to roam, graze and forage as nature intended. Organic food contains less pesticides than conventionally farmed alternatives and several studies have shown that organic meat contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat. Organic standards also prohibit the use of food colourings, sweeteners, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and the practice of washing fruit and vegetables in chlorine.