Award Winning Meats

Our award-winning meats received recognition at the 'Taste of the West Awards 2016' with three Gold awards. Our Beef Sirloin joint received praise being highly commended. Read more

  • Organic Rib Eye Steak


    These famous steaks are boned cuts from the fore ribs. Once cut into steaks –­ “Rib Eyes” – they are perfect for frying or grilling in the pan as well as for your barbecue.

  • Organic Barnsley Chops


    Hungry? Those double sided thick chops are cut from across the loin and will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. 

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  • Organic Whole Rack of Lamb


    Description A whole rack contains seven ribs and comes from the very best end of the neck. For a smaller roast or simply to try, you can also order a 3-4 bone rack. It makes a...

  • Organic Half Rack of Lamb


    Taste of the West 2016 - Awarded Gold.  The rack comes from the best end of the neck.

  • Organic Picanha Steak


    The Picanha Steak comes from the Rump of Beef and is a popular and rather expensive cut in Brazil.

  • Organic Neck Fillets


    Taste of the West 2016 - Awarded Gold. This cut from the neck is packed full with flavour and delicious tenderness.

  • Organic Short Ribs - Classic Cut


    Beef Short Ribs are taken from the part between brisket and flank.

  • Organic Sirloin Joint


    Taste of the West Awards 2016 - Highly Commended. Our Sirloin Joint is a very tender piece of meat with little fat but lots of flavour. 

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