Organic Lamb Specialities

For something a little different, look no further than our organic lamb specialities. From juicy lamb sausages and burgers, to succulent bacon and mince, we select only the finest quality organic lamb for our ready-to-cook specialities. Make sure you have some on hand for those quick and easy weeknight suppers or to impress your friends next time they pop round for dinner.

  • Organic Lamb Koftas Organic Lamb Koftas
    • (2)
    • £5.25
  • Organic Lamb Mince Organic Lamb Mince
    • (4)
    • £4.75
  • Organic Diced Lamb Organic Diced Lamb
    • (6)
    • £5.75
  • Organic Lamb Neck Rings Organic Lamb Neck Rings
    • (2)
    • £8.50