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Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch

The four-day weekend is the perfect chance to indulge in a lazy, delicious brunch – before or after the Easter bunny has been! From delectable smoked salmon and whole butterflied kippers to scrumptious sausages and nitrate-free bacon, we have everything you need to kickstart the long weekend.



  • Let’s talk bacon, who doesn’t love bacon, at Coombe Farm Organic we love it in every form, in a BLT sandwich, as part of a hearty full English breakfast or stacked on fluffy pancakes. But bacon gets a bad press because commercial bacon that is mass produced for supermarkets contains two food additives, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate. These additives are considered cariogenic ‘cancer causing’, and are used to stabilise bacon, because ultimately the process of rearing the pig it came from and subsequently selling the cuts of pork from it has been speed up to meet the demands of the average consumer. Nitrate free bacon is old school, the process in which it is cured is done without any unnatural intervention, its cured as bacon should be, free from nitrates, using only sea salt, black pepper, juniper, bay and brown sugar. So, yes, nitrate free bacon is an absolute no brainer when it comes to choosing bacon that is better for your health than the mass-produced stuff you see packing out the supermarket fridges.

  • Naturally cured bacon is cured with only natural ingredients, no sulphites and nitrate. At Coombe Farm Organic, our bacon is cured using sea salt, brown sugar, juniper, bay and black pepper.

  • All our organic bacon is dry cured for up to 2 weeks, then we send our smoked products to a smoke house in Wiltshire where it is then naturally smoked over oak for 16 hours, giving it its deep smoky flavour for both our smoked streaky and smoked back bacon.

  • If we’re comparing smoked and unsmoked bacon in terms of flavour, well that’s down to personal preference. At Coombe Farm Organic we think the ultimate bacon sandwich is made with rashers of our organic nitrate free smoked bacon, cured using only sea salt, brown sugar, juniper, bay and black pepper, sandwiched between buttered doorstep wedges of organic soft white loaf. If comparing smoked or unsmoked bacon from a health prospective, then neither is ‘bad for you’, bacon has been classified as a processed meat by the World Health Organisation because commercial bacon that is intensively produced contains two food additives that are considered cariogenic, however is you chose excellent quality bacon like ours at Coombe Farm Organic, that is organic, nitrate free and cured naturally as bacon should be, there is no reason that as part of a balanced diet you can’t enjoy bacon, guilt free.