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Valentine's Starters

Valentine's Starters

Create starters to savour with our range of organic charcuterie, all produced using select cuts of our organic beef or pork, and cured by hand using organic wine, herbs and spices. Made in small batches, our Organic Chicken Liver Pate or delicately Oak Smoked Salmon make for delightfully light appetisers.


  • When choosing meat to purchase, it is worth carrying out some research. There are a number of studies that suggest organic meat is a healthier option – higher in Omega 3, Amino Acids and Healthy Fats. There are also several other reasons why choosing organic meat is a good idea. They range from the contribution of organic farming to climate change, animal welfare and the use of pesticides and medicines used in the farming of conventional animals having a detrimental effect on our health.

  • At Coombe Farm Organic we work with JCS fish who supply our organic salmon. JCS fish are one of the UK’s only suppliers of organic salmon production, certified by the Organic Food Federation. We are proud to work with JCS fish as we believe their organic salmon is something very special. The salmon is reared in Spring which mimics an Atlantic salmon’s natural reproductive cycle. The salmon are fed an approved organic feed which is GMO free, with only natural pigments used in the organic salmon feed, resulting in a slightly paler flesh, in comparison to conventionally farmed salmon whose feed have been manipulated to enhance their pink flesh colour. Space is essential in any organic farming system and these salmon are no exception, being given the freedom to move and grow, the space is double that of conventional fish farming systems. This space paired with clean saltwater with a strong flow ensures the salmon grow lean and strong, resulting in a better tasting fish.

  • Organic meat comes from animals that have been reared in accordance to strictly governed, regulated and inspected rules and procedures. At Coombe Farm Organic we are certified organic by the Soil Association. The decision to work with the Soil Association was a no brainer as they demand some of the most stringent standards in the world of farming and food production. This ensures that the quality of everything carrying the Soil Association stamp is impeccable. Animal welfare is the top priority when rearing organic animals, only natural pesticides can be used, and GM ingredients are not permitted. Livestock live free range lives, meaning they can roam and forage as nature intended and we believe that happy animals make the highest quality meat.

  • Dairy cows are ‘retired’ when they can no longer produce enough milk, this is usually at around ten years, after they have produced thousands of gallons of milk. The ‘retired’ beef is becoming increasing popular because of its deep pronounced flavouring and wonderful marbling, resulting from a lifetime of feeding on grass. At Coombe Farm Organic, dairy farming has been at the core of our farming operation for almost 20 years now, and with sustainability and our ‘waste-not-want-not’ approach, using ‘retired’ dairy cattle for beef, that would otherwise not be used was a no brainer. You really should try it. We promise you won’t be disappointed.