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Organic Offal & Fats

Here at Coombe Farm Organic, we value every animal we rear so we're firm believers in eating head to hoof. This is how our grandparents would have eaten – making use of every part of the carcass. Unfortunately, as meat has become an everyday commodity, our collective food culture has lost sight of the nutritional value and deliciousness of some of the parts not considered 'prime'. Cuts like liver, kidney and heart are packed full of goodness and flavour, and come with the added bonus of being thrifty, too. Fats including tallow and lard are great for gut health and make for probably the best roast potatoes in the world. Haven't tasted much offal? Go on, give it try!


This includes some of the lesser favoured cuts like offal and fats, but cooked well items like heart, liver, kidney and tallow or lard can be humble ingredients that make delicious meals.