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Alternative Easter Feasts

Alternative Easter Feasts

If you are feasting over Easter and don't fancy Lamb, why not consider our Cabrito Goat cuts. Perfectly complementing our philosophy of sustainable farming, goat meat is truly remarkable. Leaner than other red meats, when cooked it's juicy, tender and intensely flavoursome. 

Alternatively, we have organic Turkey, Duck or succulent Beef joints to pair with glossy, flavoursome gravy and homemade stuffing, all perfect to feed a crowd with plenty of left-overs to keep you going over the weekend.

Organic Whole Duck
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Organic Turkey Breast
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Butterflied Leg of Goat
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Half Rack of Goat
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Goat Chops (2x140g)
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Rump of Goat 350g
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Organic Beef Topside
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Organic Beef Sirloin Joint
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Organic Beef Rump Roast
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  • By definition – organic beef in the UK is fed on a diet predominantly made up of grass. However this won't necessarily make it 100% grass fed, this is not an organic standard. Many organic farms work in a system or crop rotation to ensure the health of the soils that grow the grasses. Barley, Whole Crop, Peas and other crops can be cut, fermented with cut grass and fed to the organic beef animas during colder months when the cows move into barns.
  • The difference between beef and dairy cattle is that they are different breeds of the same species, cows. Dairy cattle produce milk, are thinner and longer whereas beef cattle are more muscular and have a stouter shape.

  • Yes, goat meat is available to buy online on our website and Coombe Farm Organic can delivery any cuts that you need to your door.

  • Goat Kid meat is tender with a mild-flavour, sweeter than Lamb. As the animal gets older the meat gets a slightly stronger taste, this is why goat meat marry’s well with bold flavours in recipes such as curry’s and marinades.