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Organic Duck

Reared locally in Devon's Blackdown Hills, all of our ducks are a crossbreed between a Pekin and an Aylesbury. These traditional birds produce meat that's unforgettable from the first taste – juicy, rich and sublimely earthy, with just the right amount of sweet fat. Put a spin on Sunday lunch by serving a whole roast duck, accompanied by a fruity sauce. Or rustle up a romantic supper that tastes decadent but is done in no time. By working with a poultry specialist who has decades of experience running a Soil Association-certified farm, we know that our duck has been reared in a natural, high-welfare system and provides a quality of meat that's second to none. 

Organic Cooked Whole Duck Organic Cooked Whole Duck
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Organic Duck Bone Broth Organic Duck Bone Broth
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Organic Duck Breast Organic Duck Breast
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Organic Duck Carcass Organic Duck Carcass
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Organic Duck Giblets Organic Duck Giblets
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Organic Duck Legs Organic Duck Legs
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Organic Duck Stir Fry Organic Duck Stir Fry
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Organic Duck Wings Organic Duck Wings
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Organic Whole Duck Organic Whole Duck
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