All Organic Venison

Enjoy our rich and flavoursome cuts of organic venison, from succulent steaks and fillets to indulgent roasting joints and burgers. Versatile and nutritious, venison is delicious when cooked in a hearty stew or a tasty bolognese. Packed full of goodness and low in fat, our organic venison is not only full of flavour, but good for you too.

Our Venison Farmers – From our Field to your Fork

Our venison is organically farmed in Devon at one of the seven Soil Association certified farms in the UK. The deer are allowed freedom to roam naturally with high animal health and welfare a top priority. The farm rears only 300 deer each year and the small nature of this farm ensures the highest standards are maintained.

  • Organic Haunch of Venison Organic Haunch of Venison
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    • £12.50
  • Organic Venison Haunch Steak Organic Venison Haunch Steak
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    • £7.75
  • Organic Venison Shoulder Joint Organic Venison Shoulder Joint
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    • £10.00