Organic Venison

Our venison is Organically farmed in Devon and is one of only 7 Soil Association Certified Venison Farms in the UK. High welfare and health are top priority, the deer are monitored however they are left to roam using their natural instincts. The farm is small and only rears a maximum of 300 deer each year which ensures high standards are kept.

The deer are fed a pea haulm and barley organic mix and organic hay which is grown on the farm, however the greatest part of their diet comes from grazing and browsing.

The deer are culled in the most humane way possible which is a head shot, this is an instant death where the deer would not be aware of what was happening. The carcass would have a post mortem carried out to ensure the deer is healthy, free from disease and safe for human consumption to ensure the highest standard is carried out from start to finish. 

We yield 100% of the animal - wasting nothing!