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Great Taste Award Winners 2021

21st September 2021
Great Taste Winners

The team here at Coombe Farm Organic is celebrating coming in the top 1.5% of more than 14,000 entries at this year’s Great Taste Awards. Our team have won coveted 3-star, 2-star and 1-star awards for our Organic Leg of Lamb on the Bone, Whole Organic Duck and Organic Rib of Beef on the Bone respectively.

Our head to hoof philosophy is all about eating less meat, buying the best quality you can and making the most of all the animal that has been carefully reared to high welfare standards. With increasing awareness of agroecology and regenerative farming techniques, we’re proud to have been farming the old-fashioned way and been organic for more than twenty years. It’s all about closing the loop and making the most of every aspect of what’s on our farm. There’s more diversity of insects, animals, and plants because we don’t use artificial herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. The soil quality is enhanced because of the way we farm, and the animals fertilise the fields they graze. This year’s Soil Association Organic September campaign is all about nature having the answer – and that’s what we believe in too. We can’t wait to celebrate being awarded so many stars by the Great Taste judges.

This year there were 14,113 entries into Great Taste. 218 products were awarded a 3-star, 1,138 received a 2-star and 4,027 were awarded a 1-star accolade. 



The Organic Leg of Lamb on the Bone won the elite 3-star Great Taste award. Judges’ comments included: 

“What a stunning and handsome leg of lamb. Faultless. The skin is crisp and brown, the meat tender and easily sliced. Moist, succulent and juicy. The meat around the shank end is full of savoury umami within the tenderest of muscle. The flavour of this lamb is full of grass, the maturity couldn't be better. The butchering is clean and exact. We're actually quite speechless at this utter perfection. Nothing is wrong with it. We can't criticise a thing. It's a winner.”
“Gloriously tender meat with perfect texture. The meat around the shank end of the bone was succulent and sticky. Good flavour, as much as we'd expect from lamb, subtle but grassy. The skin has caramelised well, and the meat looks great, the grain, the colour - clearly well reared.”

“Stunning joint of lamb, Clean bone, neatly prepared with a deliciously golden skin. Rich meaty flavour, buttery fat. Perfectly pink in the middle. Tender. It's clear that a lot of care has gone into the preparation of this leg, and it definitely delivers in taste. Wonderful.”

Originally our organic flock grazed our solar panel fields and pastures as part of our sustainable farm. We’ve diversified and increased our flock, working closely with our on-farm butchery team to develop our organic grass-fed lamb and mutton range. Being a shepherd is a challenging career and it is so rewarding for all our organic principles and delicious cuts to be recognised by the Great Taste 2021 judges.



The whole organic duck won a 2-star Great Taste award. Judges’ comments included, “What a beautifully presented duck, rich, golden and accompanied by a truly wonderful oven roasted aroma. The meat cuts perfectly well, and the mouthfeel is bang on the money, and almost confit like. The delicate and natural game flavour notes are superb, with delicate flavour notes from the fats just beneath the perfectly cooked skin. The balance of flavours is divine.” 

The organic rib of beef on the bone won a 1-star award. Judges’ comments included, “An attractive whole rib of beef on the bone with good caramelisation…The texture was tender, moist, juicy and easy to carve.”

Earlier this year we scooped the Soil Association BOOM Award for our organic meat box scheme and also won seven coveted Gold awards at the Taste of the West Awards, making 2021 are most awarded year ever. Over the moon is an understatement!

Organic Grass-Fed Lamb

Grazing animals in an organic system benefit, not harm, the environment. Traditional, sustainable farming works with nature to increase organic matter in the soil.

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