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Coombe Farm

Sheepdogs At Coombe Farm

24th March 2021
Sheepdogs At Coombe Farm

Sheepdogs At Coombe Farm


We have three working dogs on the farm – our border collies Max, Nell and their pup Floss. They are an essential part of the shepherding team and we couldn’t do it without them! Our sheep graze massive acreages out in the fields, and we rely on the dogs to move sheep from one pasture to another, to bring sheep into a pen or a barn, and to separate individual sheep from the rest of the flock. They make the work quicker and easier, especially if our shepherds are working alone, and provide companionship out in the fields.

Hard work and dedication - 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a border collie herd sheep, you know you’re watching a master craftsman at work. They have a strong instinct and desire to herd, having been first developed to control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. Highly intelligent, extremely energetic, good stamina, acrobatic and athletic; these qualities are what make border collies such brilliant sheepdogs.

Next generation - 

Our little pup Floss is 8 months old. Formal training will start when she’s a year old and will take 2 years in full. It’s important to get perfect recall and lie down command first so our shepherds are starting her slowly on the basic commands as well as a little bit of pen work. Massively energetic, Floss mainly spends her days running miles and miles alongside her parents, watching them work with the sheep and enjoying puppy life on the farm.


The sun's out - time to get shearing

There are a few times of the year when the animals on Coombe Farm can’t contain their excitement. As winter draws to an end and the cows come out of the barns to taste the first grass of spring, they love to kick up their heels. And when our newborn lambs find their feet they can’t resist leaping, bouncing and running races. For the ewes and rams, it’s at shearing time that they feel refreshed and full of new life. 

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