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Coombe Farm

Our Trusted Organic Farm Partnerships

3rd September 2020
Our Trusted Organic Farm Partnerships

Who we work with 


If you are familiar with our website you will know we stock an extensive range of organic meat, poultry and fish products, and whilst we breed and rear our own organic cattle, sheep and pigs, we work closely with other local organic producers to bring you other product lines. To do this we work with other organic producers who are selected because like us, they strive for the very best in organic farming and the proof is in the pudding with the amazing produce they provide. We make sure to visit our partner farmers to see for ourselves, but because they too also certified organic we have total confidence that they are adhering to the same rigorous standards that we are.

All of Coombe Farm Organic’s venison comes from the ancient estate of Sharpham Park, a 300-acre estate on the Somerset Levels near Glastonbury. Sharpham Park was bought by Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry in 2003 and has been restored from a run-down dairy farm into an organic mixed economy farm. Part of Roger Saul’s restoration project was the red deer park, where he has brought back rare breeds that live a wild life, contributing to the maintenance of the parkland they roam and graze upon. Sharpham Park is passionate about producing responsibly farmed, healthy, natural foods and you may already be familiar with their organic spelt which is their main produce. The organic spelt mill was opened in 2007, it is here that Millers stone grinds the grain to make flour leaving the husk - this by-product contributes to the deer’s diet, alongside their grazing of organic pasture.


Our organic chicken is reared in the heart of Pembrokeshire by Capestone Organic Poultry, whose family farming heritage dates back to 1826. Here the chickens enjoy organic, free-range lives, with the freedom to roam and follow their natural instincts. A major distinction in organic farming compared to free-range is the density of the flocks - organic chickens are reared in smaller groups which means the birds have a third more space indoors than free-range birds and better access to the outdoors. Another is that organic birds are never, ever routinely given antibiotics - chickens that are not stressed are naturally much less likely to fall ill. Our organic chickens are Hubbards - a slow-growing heritage breed that means they grow at a natural rate, being the shape and weight that an old fashioned bird should be. They are fed a bespoke organic grain suited to slow-growth and after a life roaming free from a young age, are culled at 81 days compared to a mere 39 days for conventional birds. An active, longer life keeps our chickens healthy and results in richly flavoured meat with well-defined texture. Pasture used for rearing organic chickens is rested for a minimum of two months in a year - allowing vegetation to recover and naturally suppressing diseases and parasites. 

Moving on to duck, reared locally by Ross at Otter Valley Poultry in Devon's Blackdown Hills. All of our ducks are a cross-breed between a Pekin and an Aylesbury. Ross also rears our organic geese. By working with a poultry specialist who has decades of experience running a Soil Association-certified farm, we know that our duck and geese have been reared in a natural, high-welfare system. Grown slowly on a natural diet, lots of exercise and the ability to fulfil their natural behaviours such as swimming, dabbling and preening means they're fit and healthy. This low-stress lifestyle certainly influences the quality of their meat. 

Slightly different from most of our offerings, we also work with a specialist producer to provide organic salmon. We partner  with  JCS fish who are one of the UK’s only suppliers of organic salmon, certified by the Organic Food Federation. We are proud to work them as we believe their organic salmon is something very special. The salmon is reared in Spring which mimics an Atlantic salmon’s natural reproductive cycle. The salmon are fed an approved organic feed which is GMO-free, with only natural pigments used in the organic salmon feed, resulting in a slightly paler flesh, in comparison to conventionally farmed salmon whose feed can be manipulated to enhance their pink flesh colour. Space is essential in any organic farming system and these salmon are no exception, being given the freedom to move and grow, the space is double that of conventional fish farming systems. This space paired with clean saltwater with a strong flow ensures the salmon grow lean and strong, resulting in an all-round better-tasting fish.

Working with these organic suppliers not only means we can provide you, our customers with a choice of the highest quality organic produce, but we're proud to support wider organic food production. Many organic producers are small scale independents working hard to meet the ever-increasing demands of the UK market and we love that we're able to provide an outlet for them.

our organic farm!

Set in the rolling hills of South Somerset, Coombe Farm nestles in a valley between the towns of Chard and Crewkerne. In recognition of its weather extremes and dire lack of phone signal, I’ve heard a few locals refer to it as ‘Doom Farm’. But we haven’t got time for doom and gloom around here – with 2,000 acres to farm we’re never short of jobs to keep us busy. I wanted to help you understand what we do, why we do it and how we’ve become the farm we are today. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of the farm’s history some other time, for now let’s talk about mixed farming and what this means to us.

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