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AND THE WINNER IS ............!

24th August 2020
AND THE WINNER IS ............!

winner winner chicken dinner?


That’s right! After a couple of years off the award circuit we decided to enter a few of our products into the Taste of the West awards – and we won!


The Taste of the West awards is a celebration of the best of food and drink producers throughout the South West of England. In 2017 we won Champion Product in the Meat and Poultry category for our Organic Rib Eye Steak, but with over 1000 entries this year, the competition was tough. We are incredibly proud to have picked up not just one, but FIVE coveted Gold awards for our produce this year!

Here’s what the judges had to say about our Gold Award-Winners:


Organic Beef Mince – 250g

“Good looking coarse-cut meat.  It looks like high quality meat - no liquid/water came out when cooking. A great texture.  Moist but nice and coarse/meaty. No chewy/gristly bits. Excellent.  Well rounded, quality meat.  Very moreish.  It was judged plain cooked with a little seasoning and it was really tasty.”


Organic Whole Chicken

“Very fresh and when cooked it smelt wonderful and very appetising.  When cooked it looked very attractive indeed – the golden skin was very enticing, and the judges all wanted to ‘tuck in – It tasted Outstanding.  Succulent, moist and very tender.”


Organic T-Bone Steak

Pre-cooked it had a good colour with good marbling.  A generous size (550g).  Post-cooking (on the BBQ) reverse sear (gently seasoned) it looked fabulous.  Good caramelisation, it kept its shape and colour and remained juicy. The outside fat was full of flavour.  The meat was incredibly tasty, with a rich deep beefy flavour.  Utterly delicious.  Chewing the bone was the chef’s perks! This was shared between three judges, but they could have demolished one each!  It was super cooked on the BBQ – really very tasty, tender meat.”


Organic Shoulder of Lamb

“A good sized well-presented joint with just the right amount of fat.  Good marbling. The judges also liked to see the stamp marks from slaughter on the fat! Looked lovely once cooked. This was cooked low and slow seasoned with salt and pepper, studded with rosemary and garlic.  It tasted…AMAZING!  It was meaty, with a deep lamb flavour, it was tender and faultless on taste.  What a beautiful piece of lamb. The head judge who cooked it commented that she often didn’t buy lamb due to the fat content and another judge is not such a keen lamb eater.  However, they both absolutely loved it and would buy a similar joint again.  It went a very long way – not only was it judged without accompaniments but it was then put on pizza and in a curry.”

Organic Lamb Chops

“A nice dark ruby coloured meat. Succulent soft meat.  Very tender but also meaty with a great balance of fat. Lovely flavours of fresh grass and fresh meat.  Both the fat and the meat were delicious and very moreish.”


We’re very proud of those comments. Our team - from our farmers through to our butchers, have all worked exceptionally hard through what has been a challenging year. Gold is the highest result that the judges can give, so this comes as welcome recognition that our commitment to organic continues to result in exceptional tasting produce.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as the judges did!









Who are Coombe Farm Organic?

Coombe Farm Organic is situated on Coombe Farm near Crewkerne, which was owned by Andrew Warren. When he sadly passed in the 1986 he left the estate into trust which created the A H Warren Trust. The farm gained Soil Association Organic status in 1999 and had been solely a dairy farm for many years. To this day there are 3 dairy farms which are owned by the trust which and along with several locally owned farms contribute to the Coombe Farm Organic Milk Pool. All of the organic milk is delivered directly to Yeo Valley, who manage an organic dairy processing unit on the Coombe Farm site.

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