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It's all in the cure

28th July 2020
It's all in the cure

Tucked away amongst our more well known cuts and joints here at Coombe Farm Organic, is our charcuterie range. Charcuterie is simply a term for cold meats that have been cured or air dried to make delicious produce that is ready to eat.

Originally, charcuterie was a method of preserving the best cuts of meat to ensure they don’t go to waste. In line with our nose to tail philosophy, we like to use our animals in their entirity and ensure that no cuts go to waste. Charcuterie was the perfect opportunity to take some of our less popular cuts and turn them into delicious new offerings for customers!

Making really fine charcuterie is a labour of love and an art that we think is best done the old-fashioned way. That means no chemical preservatives and no artificial colourings or flavourings. The curing and drying process of high quality organic meat, combined with natural ingredients are all that perfect charcuterie needs. We work with a local artisan producer based over the hills in Devon, who has the expertise to produce a host of delicious products for us.

Our Organic Silverside of beef is sometimes viewed by customers as less flavoursome and tender in comparison to it’s leaner counterparts, however when cooked correctly there's no doubt that it always delivers fully on flavour. We take full advantage of any surplus of silverside and use it to to create our own range of Organic Biltong. To do so, the silverside is cured very quickly, then left to air dry in a warm heat, replicating the warm winds of South Africa - the heartland of Biltong. We then naturally flavour all of our biltong with organic herbs and spices, each flavour having its own unique taste – from Original to Barbecue.

Also in our organic charcuterie range is a selection of sliced meats, including organic bresaola, salt beef and pastrami. Our Organic Beef Bresaola is a classic Italian charcuterie, taken from our silverside and topside cuts. The process of making our bresaola is a longer process than you might think. The joints of beef are cured for 2/3 months in salt and organic red wine before being air dried for a further 3 months! All this process enhances the natural ‘beefy’ flavour to a rich finish, perfect for sharing platters or in a simple lunchtime sandwich.

Our Sliced Organic Pastrami is also created from our grass-fed beef silverside, but the process is different. The joints are hot smoked to dry the meat out and develop its distinctive flavour. Equally delicious to add interest to a salad or to partner with a cheese board.

We use our organic beef brisket for our salt beef slices. The brisket cut, is a hard-working joint taken from between the front legs of the beef carcass. Its robust texture and hearty flavour make it perfect for curing, as it's able to hold both its shape and taste throughout the process. Salt beef is slightly different to the other cuts in our range as it’s cured then boiled, to get the softness expected from the brisket cut. Organic Salt Beef Slices are a deli classic, perfect for recreating the traditional high piled New York sandwich.

We also have two chorizos in our range, our Original Organic Chorizo and our Spicy Organic Chorizo. Both of these chorizos are cured and air dried sausage made from our organic shoulder of pork, and gain their strong red colour from the pimento pepper used within the ingredients, as well as organic smoked paprika. This adds a subtle hum of warmth (not red-hot chilli heat) with earthy, smoky undertones that bring complexity and interest to any dish, from a hearty stew to a vibrant paella.

Salami differs slightly as this is fermented before being air dried for a further few weeks. Our Organic Tuscan salami is an Italian inspired salami  infused with Fennel, Garlic and red wine to really enrich the traditional delicacy of this product.

Each with their own deliciously different process and resulting flavour, we’d encourage you to give some of our organic charcuterie range a try!