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Bread. Or in our case, Organic Bread

2nd July 2020
Bread. Or in our case, Organic Bread

One of the world's staples. In its most basic form of flour & water, it is frighteningly simple when compared to the modern era of processed and manufactured foods. It represents so much more than the sum of its parts. A symbol of the rise of agriculture, religious ritual and more recently popular culture.

There has never been a more pressing time to embrace organic when it comes to your food. Bread is no exception, with the Soil Association sharing government figures that almost two-thirds of wholemeal bread contained glyphosate (a probable carcinogen according to the World Health Organisation). Organic bread is certified to be free of this and any other chemical that is produced in conventional agriculture. Organic bread also avoids processing aids and other additives, which are found in a staggering 97% of the loaves bought in Britain (Campaign for Real Bread). Beyond baking your own, buying an organic loaf is the only way to control exactly what goes into it, as well as having the reassurance that the organic flour has come from a farming system that works to reduce the pollution of our soil and environment.

We recently asked you all for some feedback on our business and the products we sell. Customers overwhelmingly agreed that real, delicious and most importantly organic bread was number 1 on the list. So here you have a perfect little range to accompany our award-winning meat, all delivered hassle-free to your door:

Organic Classic Sourdough – Made with three organic flours and Baker Tom's own sourdough starter, this long fermented, yeast free loaf is full of moreish, tangy flavour with a golden crust and open crumb.

Organic White Loaf – The classic everyday loaf, no airs and graces here, just straight up squidgy fresh organic white bread made using just four ingredients.

Organic Seeded Sourdough – Rich, nutty and complex it is aided by a 7-seed mix and given a little extra crunch with pumpkin seeds. 

Organic Malthouse Loaf – Just like a granary but a whole lot tastier. This rustic loaf of bread is made using malted wheat flakes, so you’ll detect nutty flavours with a sweet malty finish.

We are thrilled to be able to share this new range with you. Four absolutely stunning little loaves of joy from our friend Baker Tom in Cornwall – who started baking in his mum’s kitchen and now has several bakeries and cafes dotted around the South West. Each loaf is baked using just a handful of organic ingredients, without the addition of any improvers or additives - producing wholesome, organic bread that's full of flavour. It’s partnerships like these that really excite us at Coombe Farm Organic and the whole Baker Tom's team have been amazingly supportive.

The full range is available now. We freeze them immediately, so that when you defrost them, they are still perfectly bakery fresh and ready to enjoy! There are instructions for quickly refreshing the crust in your oven for a ‘fresh from the bakery’ smell and taste too - Click here