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7 Courses of Nose to Tail Dining!

2nd February 2020
A night with the Carcass Cartel.

A night with the Carcass Cartel… No, not the title of the next Quentin Tarantino Movie. This was an event, however, fully worthy of a 5-star review & perhaps even an Oscar!

Last Tuesday evening, Coombe Farm Organic, headed to Hoxton Square in London as title sponsor of an incredible culinary experience. Carcass Cartel does Frog Hoxton, a 7-course extravaganza!

For those of you less familiar with the Carcass Cartel (and you can read this on their website) - The Carcass Cartel is a revolt against waste and an initiative to highlight just how modern, approachable, uncomplicated, delicious and above all ethical nose to tail eating can be - spearheaded by some of the UK’s most exciting chefs.

When we received the call from Dan Shearman about working on this event – we jumped at the chance. You’ll all know how much of a passion ‘carcass balancing’ and ‘nose to tail eating’ are to us!

So.. back to those 7 courses at the Frog, Hoxton. The chef’s working their magic on the night were: Sam Bryant & Alicja Specjalna, Dan Shearman, Jamie Park, James Strawbridge, Tom Griffiths, Jay Morjaria, Ivan Tisdall-Downes & Imogen Davis. Ivan and Imogen of Native, a restaurant we’re looking forward to visiting in the coming weeks!

The courses were pretty mind-blowing, so without further ado:

1, Duck Liver Parfait, Fermented Potato Waffle & Crispy Duck Neck

  • This was utterly incredible and Imogen and Ivan pulled the various parts of the duck offal from the whole packs of duck giblets I sent them.
  • Duck giblets don’t even come close to selling at the same rate as our duck breasts or legs.
  • The duck neck was crumbled over the liver, like bacon bits – absolutely delicious.

2, Lambs Liver & Pickled Mustard Portuguese Sandwich. Korean BBQ Duck Heart Skewer, Blood Orange and Gochujang Glaze. Sweetbread Bhajis with a Coriander Chutney.

  • 3 little parcels, all presented on a plate. The epitome of well-used offal.
  • Organic Lambs Liver is actually quite a popular product on our website – full of nutrients it is also incredibly versatile.
  • Duck Hearts came from the same plucks as the previous course. They were beautifully sticky and rich.
  • Sweatbreads are not actually readily available on the CFO website. We just can’t get them consistently. But hey – The Carcass Cartel absolutely live and breath nose to tail. The Coriander chutney was fiery hot. Absolutely stunning.

3, Retired Dairy Tostada de Lengua (tongue), Roasted Bone Marrow Salsa, Pickled Apple, Agave Worm Salt.

  • This little taco was a real firecracker. Using the tongue of our retired dairy cows. It was a thing of beauty on its stunning little platter!

4, Stargazy Pie, Fermented Celeriac, Beef Bone and Oyster Gravy

  • The pie was an exciting twist on a comforting cuddle of a dish. Complete with star gazing sardine head, it was creamy, rich and contained within the most delicate and buttery pastry!
  • The Beef, Bone and Oyster Gravy, was constructed of native oyster and retired dairy beef featherblade - served in the oyster shell. I can’t tell you how easily it slipped down. Would have loved another!!

5, Roast Hake, Yellow Curry, Cucumber and Kaffir Lime

  • Hake is one of the most sustainable fish you can eat at the moment. Abundant, native, delicious! This was cooked up by Head Chef on the night Jamie Park (Frog, Hoxton), it didn’t disappoint.

6, Cottage Cheese Pierogi, Blueberries, Cultured Cream, Brown Butter

  • Pierogi are Polish dumplings. I sent the team a batch of our Suet to make these with. They were rich and creamy. The blueberries cut right through them for a wonderfully balanced FIRST dessert! (this meal was epic)!

7, Pork Fat Flan, Pork Trotter Caramel

  • This was the absolute eye-opener for me. Tom Griffiths (founder of Flank) did things that I (nor he as it transpired) dreamed could be done to Pork Fat and Trotters. This was an audacious, unctuous, throat coating dessert. I absolutely loved it. I have no idea how it was made though! You’ll need to speak to the Chef!

Most images courtesy of John Hersey, Sons of Thunder