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Coombe Farm

Join us for Organic September

6th September 2019
Join us for Organic September

Unless you've been camping off-grid out in the woods for the last year, you would have seen the change in attitudes towards environmental issues that has swept over the seas. Climate change protests across the world have brought us to attention. The awareness and concern about our use of natural resources are growing rapidly. With that in mind, we're wholeheartedly supporting the Soil Association's Organic September campaign. And we hope you will too! 

What's it all about? It's by working alongside the Soil Association (SA) - following their regulations and farming according to their philosophy- that here at Coombe Farm we have earned organic status. During their Organic September campaign, the SA is promoting a month-long programme of events. It aims to encourage people to be more curious about where their food comes from, raising awareness about the challenges agriculture places on the land, nature and wildlife. The campaign will also encourage people to support organic farmers and growers who work hard to create a harmonious balance between food production and the natural world. 

There will be much to immerse yourselves in, including feasts and tastings, workshops and demonstrations. And you don't even have to go any further than your kitchen at home! If you fancy getting involved, why not pick up some organic ingredients and follow one of our inspiring recipes specially created by the SA?

Why Try Organic Meat?

At Coombe Farm Organic, we have three priorities that share equal billing: look after our animals; look after the land; produce good food. We do each of these things with integrity and that means the welfare of our livestock and our soil are always our top concern.

Our relationship with SA is a promise to you. It means everything we do is regulated, documented and rigorously inspected- assuring you that the highest standards are being observed.

Being organic means:

  • we adhere to rigorous animal welfare standards
  • we observe strict land management practices
  • we never use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
  • we follow strict rules regarding the use of veterinary medicines
  • we don't use synthetic additives in any of our products

Farming organically takes time and commitment and we think you'll be able to tell the difference when you taste our meat. Our animals are grown slowly to maturity, they're properly free-range and they eat wholesome natural food.

On top of that, we work with a farming team that's dedicated and experienced, we choose the breeds of our animals carefully, we butcher everything meticulously and we're committed to minimising waste. 

So What's The Real Difference?

There are several critical differences between buying anonymous meat from the supermarket and buying Coombe Farm Organic:

  • all of our meat is fully traceable and we're happy to share it's provenance with you.
  • because our animals grow slowly and range freely, they produce meat with distinctive flavour from hard-working muscles that have texture and definition. We don't rush things here.
  • we hang our carcasses to let the flavour really develop and fluid to evaporate and we never bulk out our meat with water. That means all of our cuts cook evenly without shrinking or seeping
  • the grass grazed by our livestock isn't sprayed with chemicals so the meat they produce is clean. If you want to know what the food you eat has eaten, cook with organic meat.

Give It a Try

By eating organic you have assurance- not just hope or assumption- that welfare is scrupulous and quality standards are high. But importantly, this is an outstandingly delicious meat, too. We know it's a bit more expensive than the factory-farmed equivalent- we don't shy away from that fact and we hope that you understand our slower system of farming isn't cheap. So we encourage you to eat a bit less meat, choosing the best when you do.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few of our favourites:

Organic beef steak mince: the ultimate all-rounder, packed full of hearty flavour and balanced with just a 10% fat for succulent results. Try in all your favourite recipes from spag bol to keema naan, via meatballs and juicy burgers. For a super-lean alternative, try our organic turkey mince.

Organic pork stir fry: fast food at it's very finest, this is ready in a flash and really delivers on taste. Throw in some fresh ginger, garlic and chilli but don't overwhelm it with gloopy sauce- there's plenty natural flavour to be going on with here! If you fancy ringing the changes, boost your stir-fries with some done-in-flash beef skirt steak

Organic sausages: wholesome and hearty, our bangers are stuffed with the good stuff, not with filler. Start your morning right with traditional pork Cumberlands or spice things up at suppertime with beef. 

Widen your culinary horizons with some cuts you might not yet be familiar with. We believe every piece of every carcass should be used, and we also believe some of the more obscure bits are amongst the most delicious! So slow-braise some short ribs and tuck into meaty duck wings- you won't be disappointed!