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Go Gluten-Free With Our Sausages And Burgers

24th July 2019
Go Gluten-Free With Our Sausages And Burgers

As we all strive to get more of a handle on what exactly goes into our food, ideas that were once pretty niche are being increasingly accepted into the mainstream. Gluten-free eating is one of those concepts. While not that many of us are actually intolerant of gluten (proteins found in cereals that make dough stretchy), many feel that cutting down on it improves their gut health. So those who can’t digest gluten have been joined in demanding gluten-free options by others who just like to keep their intake of floury foods on the down-low.

Breadcrumb is an ingredient commonly found in burgers and sausages and is often put in there as a bulking agent to allow producers to use less meat. For us, that’s cheating. We know that when we bite into a juicy burger, freshly sizzled on the barbecue, we want it to be meaty through and through. That’s why the majority of the sausages, burgers and koftas in our range don’t use breadcrumbs and are gluten free.

When our butchers make our sausages and burgers, they mince the meat to just the right grade of coarseness or fineness, ensuring the texture’s perfect once cooked. They then add herbs and seasoning to complement and bring out the meat’s natural flavour. And they might throw in some other, simple flavourings for an extra bit of punch – pork could be treated to some apple, mutton to some garlic and beef to some bone marrow, for example. In combination, these natural flavours don’t need anything more to make them into a really exceptionally fine-tasting treat. So if something isn’t needed in a recipe, we just don’t put it in.

If that’s the case, why do some of our products contain gluten? Good question. Some recipes benefit from the inclusion of breadcrumb to improve their texture or help them hold together. Meats that are naturally quite fatty (like lamb) need some crumb to soak up the juices that flow during cooking – by adding the bread, we lock in flavour, making your eating experience that bit more delicious. Conversely, meats (like turkey) that contain very low amounts of fat can break apart on cooking, so a little sprinkling of bread helps bind them together. We use a light touch when it comes to these recipes (you know that we disapprove of bulking) so you can be sure that they’re still super-meaty.

With summer upon us and barbecue season well and truly under starter’s orders, it’s time to set a match to the coals and enjoy some al fresco eating. Toss a few Coombe Farm Organic sausages, koftas and burgers on the hot grill and tuck into the unadulterated flavour of grass-fed, organic meat.