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How to Prepare a Hanger Steak

8th February 2019
How to Prepare a Hanger Steak
Tags: Butchery

how to prepare a hanger steak


A good illustration of how we are dedicated to butchering our animal's nose-to-tail is our hanger steak, sometimes known as onglet steak. It’s the muscles that support the diaphragm, so have a very unique texture compared to many other steaks across a beef carcass. In a whole piece, it is very recognisable because of the thick white strip of connective tissue or sinew that runs through the centre.

Preparing a hanger steak is simple once you know-how. All you really need to take into consideration is how different parts of a muscle – the eye of muscle itself, the connecting tissues, the fat, etc. all cook differently.



Connective tissue is very enjoyable once slow cooked – it almost melts and has a butter like texture which is very satisfying. The muscle of a hanger is best fried on a super-hot heat and left quite rare. The two don’t go hand in hand therefore to prepare a hanger into a thoroughly enjoyable steak all you need to do is seam out the central piece of sinew and then cut the two remaining pieces of muscle into appropriate portion sizes. We like 250g portions for a hanger steak take a look here 

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