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Eve Kalinik – Be Good To Your Gut

2nd January 2018
Eve Kalinik – Be Good To Your Gut

eve kalinik


First and foremost, Eve Kalinik, is a hugely enthusiastic lover of food. As a nutritional therapist, she knows the importance of really good eating habits but also recognises that the constant buzz of foodie information and opinion can be confusing.

Eve’s philosophy focuses on adopting a life-long positive attitude to how and what you eat, without resorting to faddy diets and quick fixes. Feeling well and balanced in mind and body is the ultimate goal. While really enjoying what you eat, of course.

A passionate ‘gut enthusiast’, developing and maintaining good gut health is Eve’s core message. You can learn more about her approach and be inspired by reading her book and her regular features in the national press.

We’re delighted to offer a Coombe Farm Organic meat box, thoughtfully curated by Eve and including all the cuts she especially loves.

A Word From Eve…

I’ve curated this box for many reasons but mostly because of the sumptuous flavours that the organic meats from Coombe Farm Organic provide. Their meticulous care, undivided attention and genuine passion for their products comes through in abundance from a taste and enjoyment ‘wow factor’. That’s the foodie in me, though.

From a more nutritional perspective and ethical point of view, there are tons of other reasons to celebrate some of the products that I’ve chosen. I think it’s important to think more about quality than quantity, to vary our choices of meat and be discerning about where and how the animals are reared.

Meat from organic grass-fed animals provides a whole wealth of nutrients. These include B vitamins and iron as well as omega 3 essential fatty acids – aka ‘good fats’ – that we crucially need have in our diets.

Eve’s Choices

• Sustainable and ethically produced venison

• Retired dairy beef that’s flavoursome and a resourceful way to avoid waste

• Osso buco that’s packed with ‘good fats’ and nutritious marrow

• Turkey mince that provides tryptophan, contributing to a happier frame of mind

• Naturally produced bacon, free from chemicals but not short on flavour

• The nutritional powerhouse that is chicken liver

• Bone broth to provide key amino acids that support the health and strength of the gut


eve kalinik - be good to your gut

Eve has kindly designed a persoanlised box which is full of her favourite items from Coombe Farm Organic. 

She has carfully chosen produce which she beleive will make your gut happy.