Eve Kalinik - Be Good To Your Gut

2nd January 2018
Eve Kalinik - Be Good To Your Gut

I’ve curated this box for myriad reasons but mostly because of the sumptuous flavours that the organic meats from Coombe Farm provide. Their meticulous care, undivided attention and genuine passion for their products comes through in abundance from a taste and enjoyment ‘wow factor’. That’s the foodie in me though. However from a more nutrition perspective and ethical point of view there are other tons of other reasons to celebrate some of the products that I have chosen.

Firstly, and not to be too pious here, but I think it is important to think more quality than quantity and vary our choices of meat as well as being more discerning about where and how the animals are reared. Game such as venison is generally considered to provide a sustainable source from an environmental and ethical perspective and retired dairy beef seems to be a bit of a no brainer really as its simply using the meat from an animal that has served its time well. This means also that this type of organic grass fed farming provides a whole wealth of nutrients such as B vitamins and iron as well as omega 3 essential fatty acids aka “good fats” that crucially we need to get through our diet. In the case of the osso buco this also includes some of the glorious nutrients from the marrow too.

The turkey mince was a bit of a stand out for me as invariably there are some birds that were ‘left on the shelf’ so to speak and by using them for mince I think is a brilliant and more sustainably sound idea. Never mind the fact that turkey is a decent source of tryptophan that has been linked to the production of more of the positive neurotransmitters and hence a happier frame of mind. That’s actually a bit of an urban myth but no one is denying the joyous effects of wholeheartedly tucking into a turkey burger, particularly with some jalapenos thrown in for good measure.

Aside from this I’m a massive fan of a bacon sarnie but find it nigh on impossible to get bacon that isn’t naturally cured and instead uses some pretty unsavoury chemicals so it’s a joy to find this. Streaky wins for me every time because the fat enhances the flavour and contrary to belief some saturated fat in the diet isn’t a bad thing.

I included chicken livers as they are simply a bit of a nutrient powerhouse and I believe that if you are going to eat meat then you should celebrate the entire animal. Made into a chicken liver mousse or pate or just simply grilled in a marinade on skewers with a touch of lardo they taste divine.

Finally being a total gut enthusiast my box wouldn’t be complete with a couple of pouches of bone broth since it provides key amino acids that help to support the health and strength of the gut and I have to say this recipe blows all others out of the park. I think it goes great to make up a venison stew, a rich sauce for osso buco or simply as a base to soups and a hearty chunk of sourdough on the side.

About Eve: A self-confessed “gut enthusiast” she believes that maintaining good gut health is at the core of our health and wellbeing and published her first book BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT in September 2017. Her philosophy is working towards an authentic life-long positive attitude of eating well. No quick fixes, fads, rules, detoxes or diets but rather a balanced and functional approach that supports the gut and the body on a deeper level to increase vitality and a consistent feeling of well being. Most importantly not forgetting to wholeheartedly enjoy the process of eating.