Find out everything you need to know about our fish.

3rd October 2017
Our Sustainably Caught Fish and Organic Salmon

At Coombe Farm Organic, our soul focus is to be sustainable and organic with everything that we do for our customers, being able to offer a wide range of luxury products whilst knowing that we are supplying the finest sustainable and organic products there are to offer. We are lucky enough to have found 2 enthusiastic producers which are experts in their profession who are dedicated to rearing and sourcing amazing produce for us.

Our producer who sources our sustainably caught fish is based at Brixham Fish Market. Every morning he will go into the market to see the catch of the day and decide if there is anything he thinks our customers would enjoy, he also provides his expert opinion regarding the seasonality of the fish and which products he thinks we should stock. Once he has purchased the fish for us he will take them back to his warehouse where his professional fish mongers will fillet the fish, pack and freeze ready for deliver to us the following day. This process ensures that the produce is extra fresh and preserve the delicious flavor. Another way the fish is kept fresh is by using day boats, this means that the boats will go out overnight and will come back for market at 6am to be sold. Other boats will go out for 3 days which mean that the fish will be kept on ice but will not be as fresh.

Fish caught in the sea cannot be organic as there is no way to monitor what they consume, so, sustainably caught is the next best thing. There are several factors which contribute to sustainably caught fish but the main aspects are: the nets which are used to catch the fish are a specific size which means that anything that is too small to be sold and consumed will be able to swim through the net whilst the fish which can be sold and consumed are caught. The day boats will also only catch the amount of fish they know they can sell, both aspects help immensely with reducing waste. With the day boats only going out for a small period of time this will help to contribute less pollution in the sea compared to other boats going out for 3 days.  

Our organic salmon producer is based in Northern Ireland, we are very privileged to be working with Glenarm as they are very selective with who they work with. The salmon are reared in the Irish Sea in large netted enclosures which are fed an organic fish feed and monitor every day to ensure they are healthy. Only 4 netted enclosures are used which keeps the process small far from the negative press surrounding the large organically reared fish. The salmon are gradually reared and are not rushed to reach their optimum weight, the average time it will take for the salmon to be ready for human consumption is 4 years so the process is very natural. The current in the Irish sea is very strong which is perfect condition for the salmon, they will naturally swim against the currant which will produce strong muscle density and amazing orange colour and a delicious flavor. Each month the team will go out and select 100 salmon to monitor, their weight and skin will be checked to ensure they are growing sufficiently and they are healthy.

When the time comes to harvest the salmon, they will ring their customers and take their orders so when they go to harvest the salmon they will only catch that amount, this is to ensure that they do not waste any of the salmon. Once the salmon has been caught they will take them ashore to their kitchen which is 5 minutes from the sea, they will fillet, pack the salmon and then send it directly to us. With such a quick turn around the salmon arrives at our door super fresh.

Our organic smoked salmon also comes from Glenarm, once the salmon has been caught it will be sent to their local smokery where it will be smoked in the traditional way and then returned to Glenarm to be shipped to us.