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Somerset has always had farming at its core, and nestled here in the county's agricultural heartland it's a tradition we're proud to continue. We love the way our forefathers tended and cared for the land, but we're not averse to using science and taking on board new ideas. We farm organically, sustainably and ethically, combining the best of the ancient with the most cutting-edge of the modern to produce the very best food you can eat.  

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Before agriculture became industrial and commercialised, the countryside was a patchwork of smallholdings and modest farms. Animals lived in small flocks or herds and were treasured for milk, eggs and wool as well as for meat. This meant that when an animal was slaughtered, every last bit of the carcass was precious. As well as enjoying the obviously meaty muscles, people derived valuable nutrition from the vitamin-and-mineral packed offal, they extracted gelatin from trotters and sought out the sweetbreads (the thymus gland and pancreas) as delicacies.

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