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Our Mission

We produce award-winning pork, beef and lamb on our organic farm in Somerset. Rearing livestock to the rigorous organic standards laid down by the Soil Association isn’t just a case of ticking a few boxes and filling in some forms. It shapes the basis for everything we do at Coombe Farm.

Working this way not only creates an exceptional product, it also ensures that animal welfare comes first. Soil Association organic standards cover every aspect of an animal’s life, including living conditions, feed, use of medicines, transportation and slaughter. All whilst protecting our environment and especially, the precious soil.

Choose organic and you are investing in high-quality, high welfare produce. Our animals are slow grown to maturity for maximum flavour.

Our short supply chain guarantees traceability at every stage of the production process – from farm to butchery to packing your orders for delivery.

Grazing animals in an organic system benefit, not harm, the environment. Traditional, sustainable farming works with nature to increase organic matter in the soil.

We follow a nose-to-tail philosophy, making the most of every carcass that crosses our blocks to minimise waste, maximise respect to the animal, and to offer you cuts you won’t find in the supermarket.

From The Farm To Your Door

Meet some of the team, and see how our produce goes from field to fork 

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