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why frozen?


Freezing is the most natural way of preserving food. And as here at Coombe Farm Organic we believe in slow-grown, healthy food, a form of preservation that doesn’t need artificial additives gets a big tick from us.

We freeze to preserve all of our meat products. It’s done at the point of butchery, to temperatures of -26°C. This locks in all the freshness, flavour and nutritional value and means you get the longest possible shelf life at home once you’ve defrosted it.

If we were to offer our meat fresh rather than frozen, its life cycle would look something like this:

Day 1 – Cut and pack

Day 2 – Send

Day 3 – Arrives with you and is eaten immediately, or is stored in the fridge to be consumed within 2 days.

The number of cuts you get with our minimum order value of £40 means it’s likely you’ll have enough meat to last you five meals. If we sent it out fresh, it wouldn’t have 5 days shelf life left. So you’d have to eat more than you’d like or freeze it at home without the benefits of freezing at exceptionally cold temperatures.

By offering our entire range already frozen in perfect portion sizes it ensures maximum convenience for you at home. You can pop the contents of your box straight into your freezer and pull out cuts as and when you need them. There’s no waste and absolutely no compromise on the taste and texture of the meat. People often ask us if freezing affects the texture of our meat.

The answer is absolutely not. We’ve done lots of tests, cooking steaks straight from the cutting block and comparing them with steaks frozen for months then defrosted and cooked. We couldn’t tell the difference, and we’d defy anyone else to! When, like ours, meat is carefully reared to achieve award-winning levels of flavour and texture, freezing has no negative effects. and it is the most natural way of locking in all of that goodness whilst offering you complete flexibility and convenience at home.

Freezing also helps us in our mission on waste. We don’t want to rear animals only for their meat to go to unused. If we dealt in fresh meat, that’s what we’d be facing. Some cuts (like osso buco or skirt steak) are less popular than others, so it’s possible no one would order them while the meat was fresh. It makes sense to us to hold on to those delicious cuts until someone who loves them adds them to their basket. It’s our mission to make organic meat accessible to everyone, and freezing helps us achieve that by making us as competitive on price as we can be. With zero waste comes no risk of unexpected costs.

If our meat was left fresh we’d have to calculate how much of the carcass was likely to go to waste and increase the price of all other cuts to compensate for this. Either the consumer pays more or the farmer gets paid less – and neither of those propositions sits easily with us. We pack much of our meat into individual portions (everything apart from roasting joints and whole birds). It’s a little bit more work for us here at the farm but it makes things really easy for you. You can take exactly the number of portions you want out of the freezer and, as they’re individual, they’ll defrost quickly.

So if you believe in sustainable eating, zero waste, getting the most for your money and enjoying really delicious meat, it’s time to embrace frozen. It really is the new fresh.

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