Coombe Farm Organic Wholesale

Our Organic Salmon and Sustainably Caught Fish

We offer a range of fish to our customers varying in Organic Salmon and Sustainably Caught Fish. Our Organic Salmon is sourced from Northern Ireland which is organically reared in the Irish Sea which produces the best quality Salmon due to the strong current which keeps the salmon swimming and muscles working which produces a tastier product. The salmon are reared in large nets which are subject to high health standards, they are checked once a week to ensure they are fit and healthy. The Sustainably Caught Fish are sourced from Brixham fish market, sourcing organic fish from the sea is impossible which means that the next best thing is fish which is sustabilble caught. This means that they are caught using specific sized nets which will let the smaller fish which cannot used through the net and only catching the fish which can be used, reducing wastage! The fishing boats will go out over night to fish and will bring the catch back to be auctioned off in the market at 6am, the fish are very quickly turned around ensuring that they are extra fresh!