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Organic Duck

Reared locally in Devon's Blackdown Hills, all of our ducks are the Pekin breed. By working with a poultry specialist who has 40 years of experience running a Soil Association-certified farm, we know that our duck has been reared in a natural, high-welfare system and provides a quality of meat that's second to none. These traditional birds produce meat that's unforgettable from the first taste – juicy, rich and sublimely earthy, with just the right amount of sweet fat. Ducks are well insulated with a layer of buoyant fat to keep them warm in the water. It's this fat that makes the meat of these birds so distinctive – and so delicious.

In their custom-built brooder for 14-17 days, our organic ducks stay warm and cosy until they are ready to forage outside and enjoy their own spectacular views across the mouth of the Exe to the Pebble Bed Heaths beyond. A natural diet, lots of exercise and the ability to swim, dabble and preen means our ducks are fit and healthy, with strong immune systems.

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