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Wild Deer

Wild venison is some of the most sustainable meat you can buy. In the absense of predators, the population of wild deer has boomed massively in Britain, resulting in damage to native woodlands, hedgerows and grasslands, posing a threat to populations of many other species such as doormice, rare butterflies and nightingales. This has brought forth a need to manage the population of wild deer in a sustainable way, so as to prevent the degradation of our natural spaces.

Wild venison is a byproduct of this population management, creating a bountiful supply of delicious meat.

Our wild venison is sourced from Forestry England sites across the south west, where roe, fallow and red deer are humanely and professionally shot using lead-free bullets. This means it never enters the abbatoir, reducing the carbon emissions created when transporting and slaughtering meat which gives wild venison it's planet-friendly reputation.

Foraging for food their whole lives, the diet of wild deer make wild venison a truly unique and delicous meat. Rich in flavour and mouthwateringly tender, there's a reason venison is so popular. Wild venison also boast numerous health benefits, lean, low in fat, and hight in protein, packed full of B vitamins and iron. This makes it an excellent healthier alternative to red meat in a variety of recipes.

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