Coombe Farm Organic Wholesale

Our Organic Venison 

With the freedom to roam an ancient 300-acre estate in Somerset, the deer that produce Coombe Farm venison come from one of only seven herds in the UK certified by Organic Farmers & Growers. Although they’re technically farmed, these deer are as close to being truly wild as you can get, and have to be handled as such. Like other ruminant animals, deer can help manage the landscape by selectively grazing and browsing grassland, undergrowth and trees. The herd shapes the parkland where it lives, and the parkland sustains the deer, carrying on a centuries-old relationship. 

All of Coombe Farm’s venison comes from Red deer. These are the UK’s largest land mammals and males that live in lush woodland and pasture can reach up to 190kg. Working with deer is a skilled job: they’re big animals and are generally timid, but can be aggressive during rutting season or when calves are small. Estate managers have to balance the herd – keeping a particular eye on breeding males – and animals are culled to keep a check on numbers as well as to provide meat. To keep stress to a minimum, skilled marksmen, who can be certain of a clean headshot, shoot our deer.

Game meat in general, but venison in particular, is exceptionally lean. Our deer eat a natural diet almost exclusively of grass, herbs, leaves and small plants. Only when the winter weather is harsh or when grass is in short supply is their diet supplemented with the waste husks from the organic spelt that’s grown on the estate. This pure, clean diet and good herd management mean these animals have strong natural immunity, making their meat pure and healthy to eat. The lifestyle of the deer, coupled with plenty of activity, means Coombe Farm’s venison not only has a distinctively hearty but delicate flavour, it’s also tender and beautifully textured.