Coombe Farm Organic Chicken

Our Organic Chicken 

We would love to be able to rear everything at Coombe Farm but unfortunately it is not that simply, however we only choose the best to work with to make up for not being able to rear it ourselves. We work with a great chicken producer who is based only half an hour away and in our opinion rears the best free-range, organic chicken has to offer. As well as our chicken he also rears our ducks which we sell all year round and our turkey and geese for Christmas.

The organic way is to provide a free-range area for the chickens to roam, peck on pasture and to live to natural conditions, all the while feeding them organic feed. We are true believers in the notion that you are not only what you eat, but what you eat eats, too.

The killing age of our organic chickens is 10 weeks. Due to organic chickens being able to roam freely, they will consume less food - letting natural growth takes its course. They will also peck at forage on the ground to add to their diet. Remember chickens must be fed a grain diet to survive however it is fully organic.