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Organic Pigs

Pigs are smart animals: we all know that. They’re also playful, sociable and mischievous. They follow powerful natural instincts that drive them to rootle, wallow, run, bask and nest. And if they’re denied the ability to do these things they become stressed, anxious and aggressive. At Coombe Farm, our favoured breed is an Gloucester Old Spot x Saddleback pig. These are both native breeds that thrive in the conditions we have down in the West Country. They live outdoors all year, with access to pig arks so they can shelter from the rain and sun.

Living outdoors is obviously vital for the well being of these intelligent creatures, but it’s also vital for the production of top-quality pork. Muscles that have had plenty of active exercise produce flavoursome meat with great texture. And the thick skins that the pigs develop to withstand chilly weather translate into excellent crackling. In industrial systems, pigs are routinely given antibiotics to fend off diseases that are spread due to the high density of the population. This never happens with our organic, outdoor pigs – their lifestyle gives them effective natural immune systems, and their diet of grass, hay and concentrated food helps them grow at the rate nature intended.

Watch below for TV Chef James Strawbridge and Coombe Farm Organic in Rooting for Real Farms - a series produced by the campaign group Farms Not Factories in which famous chefs prepare a delicious pork dish from high welfare suppliers. The series aims to highlight the cruel and unhealthy practices in factory pig farms.

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