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Organic Sheep

All of Coombe Farm Organic's lamb comes from our hardy flock of cross-bred sheep. The breeds we've chosen make the most of our abundant West Country pasture, thriving on a diet of grass as well as clover and herbs. Growing slowly, the lambs build heart immune systems and strong skeletons. All of this influences the way their meat tastes and cooks. 

Rearing grass-fed animals in an organic, high-welfare way is at the heart of what we do at Coombe Farm Organic. We believe that the meat produced by active, healthy animals is tangibly better than that which comes from intensive systems. Many lambs are grown quickly, fed on grain to 'finish' them at speed.

We believe that it's better for animals to grow at the rate nature intended and lead active lives. This means that we don't slaughter our lambs until they're at least eight months old which means your organic lamb will have well-developed muscle with a natural, palatable covering of sweet fat.

As well as lamb, we produce mutton from our retired ewes. We’re proud to be able to celebrate the mature, rich flavour of their organic mutton meat, developed over several years on a grass-fed diet. Mutton is just another great way to cut out waste and make use of every resource we have.

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