Coombe Farm Organic Lamb

Our Organic Lamb 

Once beef was established we decided to venture into lamb, Coombe Farm had never farmed sheep so our farmer had to quickly adapt and become a shepherd. Deciding which breed to farm is always a difficult decision however after a lot of thought we chose two breeds; a Blue Texel Ram and Poll Dorset Ewe cross in one flock and a Lleyn Ewe and Romney/Blue Texel cross in another flock. 

These breeds were chosen because we continually strive to have a year round outdoor system. Breeding has a large impact on this and these cross breeds in particular will help to produce lambs which are smaller, so easier to lamb naturally without human intervention. We started off lambing once a year at Easter however this soon proved a small problem as our lamb is so popular that we were running out of lamb around January before the next lambing season. To be able to supply a consistent product all year round we have introduced two lambing seasons into our farming system this means as well as lambing at Easter we will also be lambing in November; so exciting times ahead.

Once the lambs are ready to be weaned they will continue to be reared on our grass-fed system until they are at the correct weight.

We have been lucky enough to win awards for our lamb which is a huge achievement.