Coombe Farm Organic Livestock

Our Organic Beef 

Beef was the beginning of our venture at Coombe Farm Organic, having a milking enterprise already established this gave the opportunity to produce the product we have today. Instead of breeding pure Friesian dairy calves we decided to introduce a Simmental and Limousin Bull into the system which would produce a stockier calf which would be more suitable to use within the food chain. Which would then lead to the calves being kept at the farm instead of being sold, creating a bi-product from the current enterprise.

Throughout the calves’ life they go through different stages at the farm, when they are taken away from their mother they are monitored and fed milk to ensure growth and good health this is the most important stage of their life. Each time they get to a certain age/weight they will move onto the next stage in the calve shed which will aid growth and give the correct care. The final stage will be when they are let out to roam, graze and continue to strive.

Our cows will then be culled at 25 months compared to the conventional age of 15 months, the difference is due to the slow growth rate which organic beef are reared to which is due to only being fed a grass diet. This creates an even layer of fat within the meat adding extra flavor and texture.

We have recently been focusing on changing the breed of our cattle and after some intense research we decided to change the bull to a shorthorn this is a native breed and will produce shorter and stockier calve which will grow more efficiently on our grass-fed system. The first calves of this breed were recently born which is the beginning of a very exciting next 25 months. 


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